Fusion, AKA ColdFusion


18 years old


Domestic Medium Hair

Est. Birth Date

February 28, 2000


8 lbs

Adoption Date

August 19, 2000


~10 inches

I adopted Fusion from what used to be the Brazos County Animal Shelter not long after moving to Texas. Unlike what you might hear about cats, she is very affectionate, even clingy at times. Maybe because she was raised by a nut (i.e. me), she has some odd quirks, including randomly peeing on any cloth or shoes left lying on the floor, meowing relentlessly for no apparent reason, and licking the dogs.

She will mostly come to a whistle, her name, the shaking of a cat food/treat bag, or the sound of a cat food can being opened, though now that she's older, she doesn't alway hear those sounds. When she was younger, she loved playing with string, toliet paper rolls, and the plastic rings of milk cartoons. These days she's content mostly to sleep, insistently lay on me (especially if I'm trying to get up for work), and have the occasional mad run through the house.

Her name is shout out to my geeky nature and career, being short for ColdFusion (the language I programmed in for 15 years or so).

Some Fusion Pics

Startled Fusion Fusion in the Kitchen Fusion in the Kennel - Close Up Fusion in Blue's Kennel Unhappy Fusion After A Wet Kitty Fusion Under Futon Fusion Really Close Fusion Eyes Fusion in Profile Fusion on Futon Fusion on My Socks Fusion With Face in Sneaker Fusion Napping With Sneaker Fusion on the Shoes Again Yep She Really Loves Those Shoes! Blurry Hershey and Fusion Fusion -2003 Eye See You Fusion on Shoes - New Position Day In the Life 11 - Gifts on the Carpet Day In the Life 12 - Fusion Treats Day In the Life 67 - Is It Dinner Time Yet Blue and Fusion Fusion Post Shave Fusion on Futon Fusion in Kennel Puss in a Box Day in the Life 006 Day in the Life 122 Bed Buddies Table Cat Fusion on Black Fusion in Stuff New Litter Box Fusion looking at Yuki Kennel Row Adorable Sleeping Fusion Blue and Fusion Christmas Eve Snacking Sleeping Wink New Best Friends Fusion in Plushies Fusion and Tigger Puss in a Cabinet Fusion on my Ankle Fusion Getting Love Lobby's Visit - Snuggling With Fusion Demonic Fusion Fusion